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Transforming recruitment functions to enable companies to scale and grow

Talent Advisor Group is a specialized management consulting firm that transforms the recruitment function for clients to create growth and scalability in their business. We partner with talent leadership and work alongside key stakeholders to make meaningful changes to recruitment strategy and organization. These changes enable our clients to attract the type of talent they need to drive their business to the next level.


Recruiting Transformation

Our approach is a simple one: We take the time to understand the client’s business, we are transparent about what changes need to take place, and we provide the right recommendations that will transform their talent profile in a meaningful way. That’s it.


Attract and hire difficult skillsets

We conduct market analysis on your competitors in the context of the talent market’s supply and demand. Next, we develop an effective job description that focuses the industry positioning of the company. Finally, we partner to develop a sourcing plan and interview best practices to ensure the ability to attract and hire top talent

Process Optimization


We assess business goals and review current recruiting process, people and systems to provide short-term and long-term recommendations. This allows the business to scale, expand globally, or prepares them with best practices to increase attractiveness for potential mergers and acquisitions. Then, we partner with clients to provide a toolbox that contains a project plan for execution, communications templates, and training on change management strategies.

Decrease cost-per-hire


We conduct various analyses to review vendor service-level agreements, processes, and metrics. Next, we provide short-term and long-term recommendations to streamline costs and develop dashboards that measure cost-per-hire (CPH) and ROI. These are key metrics for any growing company to understand.


We also offer retained executive search.

In partnership with Cabot Consultants.

Trang is a consummate recruiting and talent acquisition professional. While working with her at Deltek, I saw the drive and focus she brought to tackling challenges around enhancing the talent pool for the organization. More than anything, Trang brings a savvy and business-focused eye to HR activities, and adapts that to the specific needs of her internal clients. This balance of people-needs and business-needs is hard to find in HR groups, but Trang is able to pull off the balance through a strong work ethic and a strong desire to see her organization—and her teams—succeed.
— Sr. Director, Professional Services
I have worked with Trang for almost 3 years in many different ways, from recruiting to business process improvement. In terms of recruiting, Trang and her team listen to your requirements and are dedicated to find the best candidate for your position. Trang and I also partnered together well to streamline the on-boarding process at Deltek. Trang brings a sense of confidence, energy, and professionalism to everything she does. I am confident that Trang is the best recruiting leader that I have worked with.

— Sr. Manager, IT Global Services
I’ve worked with Trang for more than 3 years. She has been an invaluable business partner as we continue to grow and top grade our sales organization. She and her team have helped me recruit from recent college grads, to senior sales executives. One thing Trang does best, is listen. She doesn’t try to force a candidate on you, but helps find those needles in the proverbial hay stack.
— VP, Sales

Trang Gulian, Founder

With over 20 years of talent acquisition experience, I am passionate about attracting and hiring top talent to fuel businesses to grow and reach their goals.  I have transformed several recruiting functions during the tenure of my career from mid-sized to large companies by optimizing processes, systems, tools, and people to hire hard-to-fill talent, lower time-to-fill, and cost per hire.  My approach is to research and develop recruiting strategies to attract talent in technology, sales and marketing, and product/services talents in both domestically and globally. My core strength is my ability aligning the talent acquisition function with the business and human capital strategy. I’m experienced in helping companies expand their talent profiles to remain competitive, globally and in new markets.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, working on word puzzles, trying out new recipes, and attending cross-fit training and yoga.